Monday, August 31, 2009

LCS: it just keeps on giving ...

The full story is behind the subscription firewall (if you could cut-n-paste it to me, that would be great) - but the rest is enough to make you bust a gut when spin meats reality.

LCS, the Little Crappy Ship - like we have been telling you from the beginning.

Byron, take a bow.
LCS 'Challenges' Top List of Unfunded Issues for Surface Warfare
Inside the Navy, Aug. 31, 2009
-- The Navy finds itself unable to budget millions of dollars in fiscal year 2011 to FY-15 to complete the first two Littoral Combat Ship vessels, integrate the mission packages for the ships and complete crew replacement and training among other priorities, according to a recent briefing by the admiral who heads the Navy's surface warfare directorate.
I. Told. You. So.

As this rolling train wreck continues forward we will hear more and more. SECDEF Gates, please kill this pig before it disgraces anymore of the taxpayers children's IOUs that we are writing to pay for it.

Once again - contract build the best EuroFig you can find until our shipyards come up with their own design. Make a run of 12-24, then transition to FFG(X).

Name, shame, fire --- or just invite those in the way to go home. It isn't too late.

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