Saturday, August 15, 2009

France & Belgium; better than the USA?

When the French and Belgians get a more militaristic attitude towards pirates - then perhaps we should look closer on our policies.
Challenging a global aversion to guns aboard ships, France has put troops on tuna boats in the Indian Ocean, and Belgium is offering military units to its merchant vessels off the Horn of Africa. Now, U.S. lawmakers are weighing similar action to fight piracy.
Good for them.

Our problem? Of course, LAWFARE and the same people who are killing the ability of our doctors to efficiently practice their profession - trial lawyers.
In June, the U.S. House of Representatives passed an amendment that would require the Department of Defense to put armed teams on U.S.-flagged ships passing through high-risk waters, specifically around the Horn of Africa where Somali pirates have become a scourge of world shipping.

The amendment now goes to the Senate. A separate bill introduced last month would grant immunity from prosecution in American courts to any “owner, operator, time charterer, master, or mariner who uses force, or authorizes the use of force, to defend a vessel of the United States against an act of piracy.”

Both measures face tough debate — U.S. military resources are spread thin and onboard weapons, especially in the hands of civilian crew, are seen as an extreme option.
BTW, for those who have been wondering why I haven't been covering the missing "timber" MV - that is because I am reading

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