Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Have a CAPT Speicher POW/MIA bracelet?

It has become a tradition to wear a POW/MIA bracelet or dog tag until the person named is accounted for or comes home. A lot of bracelet wearers want to return the memento to the family.

They are requested not to attempt to contact the Orange Park family directly but to use the following procedure:

Write a letter to the family, making sure to include a name and an address should they choose to respond.

Place the letter and the bracelet in an envelope, write a return address, add the proper postage and send it to:
The Family of Capt. M. Scott Speicher,
c/o Military Affairs Office, City of Jacksonville
117 W. Duval St., Suite 175,
Jacksonville, FL 32202.
Hat tip Byron.

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