Thursday, August 20, 2009

Diversity Thursday

Well, this is an interesting happening at the Severn School for Boys and Girls. What 'cha do'n next month?
"... the entire faculty is also asked to attend a special presentation on 10 Sept (Thursday) beginning at 1300 in Alumni Hall by Dr. Samuel Betances, an internationally recognized diversity training consultant. You can read more about Dr. Betances at this URL:
The class schedule for that day will follow the "early schedule" used on the day prior to Thanksgiving in order to permit everyone to attend and not cancel any classes."
Priorities. Very interesting priority for the day before 11 SEP.

I want you to watch Samuel Betances, you can view a little of him

Classic example of the archaic nature of much of what the Diversity Industry puts out. He is mostly
talking about his perceptions from his generation. Generally about how others should try to understand him, not how he should try to understand others.

I especially got a kick out of his references to West Side Story. I hope he does not use that at Annapolis as probably only 5% of those in the audiance have even seen it; if he is lucky. Like his movie/play reference - his perspective is stuck in the '60 and '70s.

This is 2009. The MIDN he will be talking to were all born from the second term of the Reagan Administration to the end of Bush 41. His presentation may be fine for Baby Boomer group therapy - but for those younger he is totally out of phase with their experience in the last decade that most of them have been paying attention to such things.

Especially the young, we live in a diverse world, I know I do. I don't need a Boomer going over his own problems from decades ago. He seems like a fine guy, but what relevance to these young men and women to listen to
his parade of personal grievance? A history lesson in first person spoken word? Fine. Three months until 2010? Little use.

I have spent almost a year of my life in Puerto Rico. That culture is much closer to the one I grew up in than the culture of my cousins in Idaho or my shipmates from Wisconsin - not to mention the Irish of Boston who might as well be from Thailand from my cultural point of view. Where are their cultural awareness speakers ... if that is what we need for an understanding of diversity.

Also, note the "I, I, Me, Me." Not good form.

This could all be done a lot easier. At the next planned gathering of the MIDN, have the SUP simply say,
"In the United States Navy we do not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, or national origin. If you don't understand and embrace that, then leave. If you will not understand and embrace that, then I will ensure that you leave. The UCMJ will take care of the details.

Have a great Navy day."
That will get the MIDN's attention. That will get them talking. That will be remembered. As a leader, I can use that over, and over, and over ...... with a straight face.

As a final note, let's talk about opportunity cost. Betances charges between
$10,000 to $15,000 to travel from Chicago to give a speech.

For now, ignore the lost productivity from pulling everyone in to hear him and just ponder the expense, assuming he sticks with his traditional fee, to have him speak. Ponder this: how many hours of math tutoring will that buy? Why math tutoring? Ask someone you know who works at USNA, they'll tell you.

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