Monday, August 10, 2009

Phibian on a Congressional Staff?!?

How would you know? Well, Rep. Gene Taylor (D-MS) might have the following in his prepared statements,
The LCS program is still a disaster, there is no way to sugar coat it, the program is still a disaster. Those first vessels were constructed in the most inefficient manner possible, just like my house construction analogy, and now we are being told by both the contractors that the cost of these ships really is in excess of a half a billion dollars. I am not sure the Congress is willing to go forward with that program unless significant progress is made on cost control, and I do mean significant.
Wait, it is.

Of course, the people responsible have been ...... promoted. Move along, move along ..... and don't worry, no one pays well enough to have me work on their staff.

Check in tomorrow when we have some fun with NAVSEA.

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