Monday, August 03, 2009

Rep. Skelton's (D-MO) Top 50

When I first read that,
The House Armed Services Committee chairman has come up with a new national security reading list of 50 essential books that he personally recommends for military officers and noncommissioned and petty officers, as well as his colleagues.
... at first I rolled my eyes, then I thought better of myself and thought, "Hey, Rep. Skelton may be many things, but out of the loop he isn't." and then, "Books! Let's see what he has lined up!"

Well, I have thoroughly counseled myself on my attitude. Rep. Skelton's list is, in a word, outstanding.

There are a couple of books here I have an issue with, but they are flee's poop on the back of an elephant compared to the rest. Some of these books are hard to find, some well known. Taken as a canon though, what a great suggestion and recommended reading list for, as he states,
Skelton, an avid reader, said he feels strongly that officers and senior enlisted members need to read books about military strategy and American history to benefit from lessons of the past and better understand American values.
BZ and thanks to Rep. Skelton for his recommendations and obvious enthusiasm to share something we both have in common; a deep understanding of the critical role of history in our future.

All 50 recommendations (51 books) are at the widget below. Browse around a bit.

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