Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Where is the "plate shot"?

This is it?

Why can't we see the plate?
The President threw out the ceremonial first pitch to Cardinals fan favorite Albert Pujols, who spared Obama - sporting a White Sox jacket to represent his favorite team - the embarrassment of bouncing the pitch in front of home plate.
Oh, that's why.


No problem getting plate shots of Bush. Anyone has Obama's plate shot - send in on.

This is the best I can do (still shot halfway through).

Just an irritation by the double standard ... again ... and don't tell my it was unintentional in the video --- nothing involving the CINC is unintentional.
UPDATE: Thanks to NRO's Andy McCarthy, we now have a good shot via MLB's site. It is about at the 20 second point. It speaks for itself.

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