Monday, July 06, 2009

Oh, and about Gov. Palin (R-UNK)

As an early supporter of Gov. Palin, I figured I owed my readers my take on her throwing in the towel.

Palin was and will not be again for a few years - at least at CDRSalamander. Things change, as do my opinion of things and people as new facts emerge, but for 2012; no.

She had a good ride, and I hope she remains happy for the decisions she has made and that in the end they are the best ones for her family. Maybe in 2016 things may be interesting, or a Senate run somewhere. Ronald Reagan was written off more than once - so who knows.

Unless there is no other option, I think Palin has now dropped on my list somewhere south of Gov. Crist (R-FL).

I think I will have something to say about him tomorrow.

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