Monday, July 27, 2009

Quality time with the PAO

I know, I know - sends a shiver down any staff weenie's spine, but MIDN Withington at USNIBlog did ..... and it was a Marine.

Marines always do things there way, I thought this was interesting.
While public affairs offices are generally perceived as providing information and assistance to the media, the II MEF PCT prefers a different approach. Understanding that the media is another party in the public domain, the II MEF PCT focuses its attention on getting its message to its “key publics,” members of the community who share an interest in II MEF-related issues. For the II MEF PCT, this means Marines, their families, and the surrounding community. Thus, the main focus of the team is not trying to target or “handle” the media, but establishing dialogue with the key publics.
Give it a read. Maybe PAO's deserve not to be sitting at a table by themselves with a Kick-Me sign on their back.


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