Thursday, July 30, 2009

Diversity Thursday II: Electric Boogaloo

Someone is not in possession of the correct set of facts. It is the CNO or Professor Fleming. I think we all need to see facts to find out which one it is. From the CNO.
If you look at the Navy in its entirety, it's a representative mix of America's society. But if you look at the leadership, it tends to be very white male. And that is not the direction where the country is going and nor is it from that non-diverse group that you get, in my mind, the best solutions to problems. ... It's from diversity that I think you get many different perspectives, different ideas, you get different experiences and that gives you a richness of solutions that you otherwise wouldn't have. ... We are beginning to see things that are moving in the right direction. For example, at our Naval Academy, we are bringing in the most diverse group that has ever come into the Naval Academy. And that is a function of not offering any type of special programs or compromising on any standards that have existed at the Naval Academy, but rather just getting out and talking to people and making young people aware of the opportunities that exist in the Navy.
That is 180deg out from what Professor Fleming says. "He said-He said" gets old real fast, let's show the cards.

There are facts out there to back up one or the other - let's see them. FOIA be damned - it can be presented in a manner well outside the requirements of The Privacy Act. Leadership shouldn't need a lawyer in a case like this.

It is unacceptable that we might have a Professor at Annapolis that would raise such a stink that had no basis on fact. It would also be a tragedy if the CNO was making statements based on incorrect information. Which one is it?

If we want to be honest about Diversity at Annapolis, it would also be helpful if we mentioned that for the first time we are counting Americans with DNA of Asian origin as "minority," that we are letting some Americans with DNA of European Origin self-identify as a minority while other Americans with DNA of European origin self-identify as majority, and we assume that, like the Jim Crow laws of old, that the "one drop" rule applies for those of mixed DNA source - but that would make everyone uncomfortable, wouldn't it?

Darn, the truth is like that. Why we have lost the ability to speak clearly to each other is beyond me. However, if you see the thugocracy in action during the Professor Gates controversy, you can get the idea. The Diversity Bullies play hardball - and if given a chance they will destroy and smear anyone who does not agree with their diktat. Big Navy knows that, and you can tell.

The self appointed guardians of tolerance and open mindedness enforce their rule through hate, lies, and intimidation. Whodathunk.

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