Thursday, July 23, 2009

Others are seeing it too ....

Then again, I warned everyone back in '08; the American people do not remember the Carter years. I do.

Well, roll out the leisure suits --- others see it too.
So far, he seems to be skipping the chapter on Bill Clinton and his generally free-market economic policies and instead flipping back to the themes and comportment of Jimmy Carter. Like the 39th president, Obama has inherited an awful economy, dizzying budget deficits and a geopolitical situation as promising as Kim Jong Il's health. Like Carter, Obama is smart, moralistic and enamored of alternative energy schemes that were nonstarters back when America's best-known peanut farmer was installing solar panels at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Like Carter, Obama faces as much effective opposition from his own party's left wing as he does from an ardent but diminished GOP.
And perhaps most important, as with Carter, his specific policies are genuinely unpopular.
As taxpayers with children and hence some small, almost certainly unrecoverable stake in this country's future (not to mention that of General Motors, Chrysler and AIG), we write with skin in the game and the fear that our current leader will indeed start busting out the 1970s cardigans.
Thing about Obama though - I think he is both smarter and shrewder than Carter .... that is why unless something completely outside one standard deviation takes place, I am planning for eight years of Obama - but will enjoy the fight anyway.

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