Friday, July 24, 2009

We know who the most senior active Navy blogger is ..

Now that ADM Stavridis is off playing with the Europeans, it is ADM J.C. Harvey, Jr., the new Commander Fleet Forces Command.

Head on
over to his blog and offer him a good welcome.

I know in the past I have had some policy issues with him, but he is a solid officer, leader, and he "gets it."

One can disagree with policies that come from being in a tough job with a tough mandate and still respect and support the man. That is fine, and is part of the discussion that blogs bring to the table.

All that being said, I am glad ADM Harvey continues his path, and I wish him the best success.

Oh, one last note - once then
VADM Harvey once asked for "solutions" when we were on a rant - and on that note I would offer a helpful suggestion.

Friday is a TERRIBLE day to start a blog. It is a low traffic day, and possible echo-links are buried in the weekend news (similar reason in DC all bad news is released on FRI).

Any good posts, or those that you want to get the most attention, should be released on a MON or a TUE in order to get the best 2nd and 3rd order effects out of it.

Just a helpful suggestion from the cheap seats.

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