Thursday, July 09, 2009

Diversity Thursday II - Electric Boogaloo

So, where do all paths to Diversity lead? Simple. As we see on a regular basis - when equal opportunity does not get the Diversity Bullies equal outcomes - then equality be d@mned - and the results are what any Hutu or Tutsi, Waloon or Flemish, Croat of Serb would understand.

From Fredric U. Dicker's rather sad bit on his time covering The Empire State's fall, this bit at the end.
During the first five months of this year, with the Senate under the control of its first African-American majority leader, [State Senator Malcolm] Smith, top Democrats bemoaned the lack of minority Senate staffers.

But instead of trying to recruit new hires, they fired nearly 200 almost exclusively white workers and replaced them with a large number of minority employees, many of whom were seen by their fellow workers to be unskilled at their new jobs.

The move produced severe racial tensions, made worse by the fact that, as a high-level Democratic staffer confided, “We’ve been told to only hire minorities.'’
Where are the legions of civil rights lawyers? Where is the ACLU? Oh, here they are.

If the ACRU wants to actually be something - they should be all over this. I also note that the activity, taking some jobs away to give to others based on race - is morally equal to what Professor Bruce Fleming has been talking about that goes on at Annapolis. Same.

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