Thursday, July 02, 2009

Diversity Thursday

So, Diversity does not lead to quotas? I know that is what the CNO says --- but perhaps he should spend a little more time talking to Diversity Bullies and the Diversity Industry like those in the trenches do ... or at least be open about what he hears behind closed doors.
Federal agencies should rethink how they approach diversity and link recruitment and retention efforts to their current workforce structure, the acting chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said on Tuesday.

"There's always been a tension between the equal employment opportunity side of the house and the human resources side of the house, and the equal employment opportunity offices are seen as complaint processors," Stuart Ishimaru said at a leadership conference in Las Vegas sponsored by the Los Angeles and San Francisco Federal Executive Boards. "But it's more than that. The equal employment opportunity officers are part of the solution to how do you, in creating the federal workforce, get the best possible workforce using new sources of people for the future ahead."

Ishimaru said rigorous diversity programs could ensure that agencies have a reputation for fairness and enable talented employees to feel comfortable in their workplace. It is not enough, Ishimaru said, to hire an employee of a particular background simply to fulfill diversity requirements. Instead, creating diverse communities within offices will make minority employees feel at ease and increase the chance that they stay at that agency.
The Diversity Industry does not define "best" in the way those who demand results and have the lives of thousands under their care. They define "best" as having certain people with certain check marks in certain places in their personnel files in certain seats.

That is quotas. That is the antithesis of meritocracy. That is quotas. That is the Diversity Industries definition of diversity.

That is a cancer of a nation's culture. That is why it must be fought. It has nothing to do with fairness - it has everything to do with power through separation.

As a concept for a culture, it works great for the Serbs, Croats, and Albanians .... why not bring it to the USA?

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