Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In Skippy's military ....

The dude would ensure everyone had an E-5 like Lance Corporal Hodges.

.....but HA! Got'cha. In Phibian's military, we would have her for this,
Katrina was awarded a commendation from her unit, the 1st Batallion, Royal Anglian Regiment for her actions during a posting in 2005 in Basra.

'We arrested an Iraqi suspect we wanted to question and were taking him back to the prison when we were involved in a road accident,' she says.

'Our vehicle rolled over and when I came round the Iraqi had escaped and had our weapons. I knew I had to do something or he would have shot us all dead. It was a real do or die moment.'

'My training just kicked in and I managed to disarm him, get the weapons back and restrain him."

That is the ticket - I bet he loves the jokes from his cellmate, "You were disarmed by a beauty queen?".

Speaking of real women, from Chap again; don't you miss the time when women actually had a female body - and were proud of it? Sigh,
this is a woman's figure to aspire to and desire towards - depending on who you are.

Hat tip Chap.

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