Monday, July 20, 2009

No people, no problem

What could go wrong?
An Air Force study, released without much fanfare on Wednesday, suggests that tomorrow’s dogfighers might not have pilots in the cockpit. The Unmanned Aircraft System Flight Plan. which sketches out possible drone development through the year 2047, comes with plenty of qualifiers. But it envisions a radical future. In an acronym-dense 82 pages, the Air Force explains how ever-larger and more sophisticated flying robots could eventually replace every type of manned aircraft in its inventory — everything from speedy, air-to-air fighters to lumbering bombers and tankers.
No man in the loop. Sigh - come on David - you reported this too straight.

Rely on the electromagnetic spectrum and satellites as your single point of failure - and you will be defeated on the battlefield.

Too easy.

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