Monday, June 04, 2007

What is Chinese for "Wolf Pack?"

Mmmmm. Come to think of it, what is American for "multiple unknown submarines in the JTAA?"
  One day in mid May, reporters witnessed a confrontation training involving multiple submarines staged by a submarine flotilla of the East China Sea Fleet. According to the chief of staff of the flotilla, with its successful leap from the primarily single submarine training to the multi-submarine joint training under complex conditions, the flotilla has noticeably hoisted its striking performance.

  Recent years saw this submarine flotilla growing full-fledged in the course of stretching its reaches from south to north and from the offshore to the open seas.

  In the evolution from the single-submarine training to the multi-submarine joint training under complex conditions, its sense of mission and sense of responsibility in boosting energetically the transformation of military training are epitomized. With its resolve to drop the traditional "guerillaist" method of single-submarine training, the flotilla spares no effort to seize the initiative in acquiring the long-distance joint maneuver capability. To this end, it has advanced from technical training to tactical training, from element-by-element and separate training to integrated training involving the whole system, from training under uncomplicated battlefield environment to confrontational training under complex battlefield circumstances, which resulted in the all-round rise of its abilities in command and control, rapid response, joint strike and integrated training.

Ahhh, now I remember. It's "Oh sh1te!" From PLA daily via ChinaDefenseBlog.

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