Monday, June 04, 2007

Well, that's clear

Sometimes it seems that some people are just compensating for some reason known only to them. At least we are getting something early for our $267 million.
Defense Knowledge Online (DKO)

DKO Vision
Develop an adaptive and agile enterprise portal for the DOD community that utilizes current and future net-centric technology to enable a framework that empowers knowledge dominance, ensures synchronization of resources, and aggressively enables situational awareness and operational security in support of the Warfighter.

DKO Mission
Lead a joint effort to develop, integrate, deploy, and support Defense Knowledge Online in order to facilitate joint communication, collaboration, and knowledge management throughout DoD NLT 1 OCT 09. On order, support other federal agencies and Allies as required.
They are not dazzling anyone with their 2-week MBA brilliance.

Go to school full time to get your MBA so you too will know that your vision and mission statement is not appropriate for this "enterprise."


Hat tip reader Andrew.

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