Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Diveristy Bully's core

Want to know what the Diversity Bullies talk about at their conferences - and at their core have to believe? This will do.
Suzanne M. Bump, Massachusetts secretary of labor and workforce development, said she could staff her entire operation with solely white lawyers.

Doing so, however, would rob her office of the diversity of perspective, culture and experience necessary to solve the critical workforce challenges the state faces, she said.

"I could fill my office with white lawyers," Bump said. "We're choked with applications from them. But they're not going to get the job done. A diversity of skills, perspective and cultural background is necessary for success in creating more and better jobs in this state."

Bump offered her remarks last week at a forum on diversity in the workplace held in Natick, co-sponsored by the MetroWest Alliance for Workforce Diversity and the MetroWest Chamber of Commerce.
The goal of the forum was to discuss the barriers to better workforce diversity and explore solutions to the growing problems of workforce homogeneity and a population decline in Massachusetts.

Bump was joined by Carole Berotte Joseph, president of Massachusetts Bay Community College, and Lauren Stiller Rikleen of the Bowditch Institute for Women's Success and former president of the Boston Bar.
Go to them if you can. You will hear worse. It isn't about equal rights - no - it is about validating false ideas. It is about making yourself good at the expense of others. It has nothing to do with a just society. It has everything to do with vindictive pettiness.

When you are talking jobs, it is a zero-sum game.

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