Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Collaborators

Oh, our friends at NAVSEA just do not have an ounce of irony in their bones. Couldn't happen to a nicer group of fellas - yes SPAWAR, I'm talking about you. The Wheel of Torture.

If you want to see what taxpayer supported Purgatory some of our good friends are going to have to deal with, see the letter and and PowerPoint that introduces the "wargame" the acquisition folks are going to have this summer. It is a great laugh if you can read Bullsh1t Bingo lingo. The questions should tell you a lot. My favorite line from Slide 6, the "Wargame Actions" slide is;
Developing Specific Justification Statement for Authorization of Travel Orders for Local Participants to Stay at Hotel and Obtain Per Diem Due to Extended Work Outside Normal Business Hours
You can't make this stuff up. I'll have to remember that line next time when I leave the office at 2145.
UPDATE: PowerPoint fixed. Please take a little plop-plop-fiz-fiz and try the link again. My bust.

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