Monday, June 11, 2007

About how the brief went...

Ever have to give a brief with someone - someone who didn't really know the material or subject beyond what he read on the slide? You would rather give the brief yourself, but the decision to share the podium with this guy was not your decision, so you do your best to help the guy get ready and dive into it the best you can?

A little sympathy, please. We have all been there.

Friday afternoon, TheDrone (the guy I am doing the brief with) and I show up 30 minutes prior to the brief, make sure everything is ready to go. Talked to the COS for a bit before, everything looks good to go. TheDrone and I were up front with our gig-lines in shape when El Jeffe and his band of merry men along with the outflow from the ClownCar in the cheap seats in the back come in for the Big Brief. Everyone seemed to be (most likely paranoia on my part) looking at me as if to say, "What is TheDrone doing up there giving your brief?"

I felt a trainwreck coming after the "Good Afternoon ...." but it seemed to be going real well once TheDrone got in his groove and seemed to be nailing his part of the brief like you read about. Heck, even IS1 seemed to think it was going well if her face was any guide - and she thinks both TheDrone and I are both idiots.

Then came the QnA. It all went to he11 after that.

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