Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Can we at least have balanced debates?

Just saw Huckabee answer the evolution question.

I have a question - did I miss something or did they IGNORE religion during the Democrat debate?

We are not electing a pastor here. Why MSNBC and CNN feel this is a Presidential issue I have no idea. If they do - at least hit ask Hillary how many times she has been to Church in the last year. Ask Barak about the race issues in his Church?

How about we just stop this. Now. This is not American.
UPDATE: OK, I guess I am live-blogg'n the debate. Hit refresh now and then.

See, I told you gays in the military was coming up. Funny how they thought gays in the military was more important than immigration. Nice how they are all on the same sheet of music. I think Wolf really wanted a fight. Putz.
Thompson shouldn't tell jokes. Brownback hit the Bush question right.
The Scooter question made McCain look bad, but made Rudy look like a President. Didn't expect that.
Halftime. Need to get another Sam Adams. A lame attempt to keep up with Stephen.

Ungh. A few years ago I told my sisters that the only person who is to talk to the press if something happened to me is Mrs. Salamander. I simply do not like waving bloody shirts. Ever since the 1992 long-haired dude question - I have not liked this everyone asking questions part of debates. False populism.
Rudy is dominating. Just dominating.
T. Thompson is running for the angry, geeky, Doctor.
I like Romney, I really do - but - but - Rudy just sucks the O2 out of the stage.
Huckabee is one of the best spokesman for my branch of the Southern Baptist Convention that I have ever seen. He could be President. Easily, and make the nation at ease. That being said, for '08 he will be VP, max. I think Rudy wants to tell Wolf to shut up.
Ron, we are not a St. Augustine Republic. No pre-emptive? Gee wizz, we have been doing that throughout our history.
Someone make Brownback go byebye.
About time we got back to McCain. We need to thing this crowd. Well, maybe he should have sat down. What a patronizing comment on immigration. For AZ it may be Mexicans (I don't like the term Hispanics - a Mexican is not a Cuban is not a Puerto Rican is not someone from Spain) - and this is not all about Hispanics, I know it isn't for me. My readers know what I think of Colombia.
Wolf is an a55hat. He is baiting Bush bashing. Tacky.
Wolf, "Shouldn't conservative Republicans just go away?" He is horrible. Almost as bad as Hunter throwing daggers with Teddy Kennedy's face on them. Not a good attack. Romney did a poor job and only threw out talking points. Again, Rudy his the right note. "Respect our differences." That is fair. He is trying, I am willing to return the favor. McCain's answer kind of like Romney's. Bleh.
POSTEX: Helped himself: Rudy and Huckabee. Broke even: Romney and McCain. In the end, Rudy won. The next debate should only have Rudy, Romney, McCain, Huckabee and Hunter. Everyone needs to go home. Fred Thompson needs to jump in the water sooner more than later. Newt needs to stay home.

CNN? Now I know why Fox gets better ratings. Who let Larry King join the ’08 team?

Rudy, if he keeps it up and doesn’t implode, well, the nom is his to lose.
Oh, now I am watching Fred Thompson on Fox.

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