Saturday, June 09, 2007


So, what are my thoughts? As for Gen. Pace, the outgoing CJCS, I think it is a shame he is going, but it was easy to see this happening. The political stew in D.C. is toxic - and thanks for the horrible politicising of the war by the like of Wesley Clark, Zinni, and the Revolting Generals (notice how they always seem, especially Zinni to raise their attacks prior to elections, or like bitter-boy Batiste, if you ever see an interview with him, will not get off his talking points - no credibility - unlike McCaffrey who is not Bush apologists but is a straight shooter) has brought us to a place where Flag Officers are just seen as political animals to be attacked when it helps.

He was going to have a rough time, but he opened another front with his morality points about homosexuals that just created more mess. Ask anyone who has spent time in D.C., nothing gets more lawmakers and their staffs as excited as gays in the military.

Methinks that tilted the decision point.

I wish the CNO good luck. The war now is a Navy show when it comes to the Strategic level. We should all give him all the benefit of the doubt and all the support we can to help his succeed.

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