Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The French Rightist Revolution

If you were in Paris in '06 you saw the Socialist Royal all over the place. All the right people were saying that the French people were tired of the Center-Right and the Socialists were going to win - and win with a woman. No question, just move along and accept it. Well, the French voters had a different idea. In addition to Sarkozy being elected, his party is going to simply dominate their legislature.
UMP & Presidential majority (Right) : 405-455 seats
Mouvement pour la Démocratie (Eunuch Centrist) : 1-4 seats
Socialist Party and other Left : 120-160

That is out of 577 total seats. That is 70-79%. Wow. Sarkozy has the opportunity to bring France to the front again, where she belongs, and work towards saving her from her North African future. Maybe. It will be tough, and he will be hated by many for doing what needs to be done. I think he is up to it, and we should back up and give him and France all the running room they need.

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