Thursday, June 14, 2007

Keep the Flag high

I am sorry if anyone is offended for being the skunk for late on Flag Day - but like the super-patriot, I have little use for the person who thinks that everything is a tragedy for everyone in the same degree and should be treated as such, by force if needed - that their loss is the most important thing. It's not - and it isn't.

Not to take away from their individual loss, but we cannot all come to a full stop or have the entire nation wallow in a hair-shirt and ashes every time someone is killed in wartime. We should recognize, acknowledge and be grateful for those who are lost to preserve out nation - but there are limits.

I don't know what some of the supports of "half-mast madness" are compensating for (actually, I think there is some projected guilt by politicians and citizens here), but this is not how a confident culture of a great nation behaves.
More than half of state governors lower the American flag to honor servicemembers killed overseas.

As the USA observes Flag Day Thursday, a 50-state check indicates that 28 governors automatically lower flags when troops from their state are killed, while 22 governors do not. Some lower flags statewide, others only at certain facilities or localities.
My feelings are more along these lines.
There is a debate over whether every servicemember should get the honor. "Otherwise, anytime we're in a conflict, the flag would be at half-staff most of the time, unfortunately," said Joyce Doody, executive director of the National Flag Foundation.
Witte also said lowering the flag on a regular basis could trivialize the honor.
"If it was World War II and you're losing thousands of soldiers a year, you're looking at half-mast all year," he said.

I would be interested in the general consensus here - because I really think this is too much public grief-mongering and not worthy of a serious nation at war. Just too much. It seems to trivialize and cheapen the greater sacrifice. A bad habit to make, because the day will come when this nation is in a major conflict where there will be dozens to hundreds killed each day (yes, it will come again). Do we want to be a nation where the flag is at half-mast for years on end? Is that a nations with a victory mindset, or am I just jaded, cold, and heartless?

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