Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Noooo!!! Not my MONARC!!!

Well, they tried.
The difficulty with placing 155mm howitzer-class guns on ships is the level of recoil, which can play havoc with a smaller ship's stability. The Germans have experimented with KMW/HDW's 'MONARC,' which uses a self-sufficient PzH-2000 mobile howitzer turret mounted on a 6,160 ton F124 Sachsen Class frigate. While an intricate elastic mounting system handled the recoil, adapting all of the PzH-2000's systems for the corrosive naval environment proved more difficult than expected and MONARC appears to have been removed from plans for the new F125 Class frigates.
Love the concept though. How much to "navalize?" Can't you just squirt some WD-40 on it? (funny story behind that WD-40 comment I will keep to myself)


Let's at least watch the birth again, shall we?

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