Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sandmonkey folds his tent

Simply said - a huge loss to the marketplace of ideas - and warning.

Today is going to be the day that I've been dreading for quite sometime now. Today is the day I walk away from this blog. Done. Finished.

There are many reasons, each would take a post to list, and I just do not have the energy to list them. As anyone who has been reading this blog for the past month, I think it is apparent that things are not the same with me. There are reasons for that:

One of the chief reasons is the fact that there has been too much heat around me lately. I no longer believe that my anonymity is kept, especially with State Secuirty agents lurking around my street and asking questions about me since that day. I ignore that, the same way I ignored all the clicking noises that my phones started to exhibit all of a sudden, or the law suit filed by Judge Mourad on my friends, and instead grew bolder and more reckless at a time where everybody else started being more cautious. It took me a while to take note of the fear that has been gripping our little blogsphere and comprehend what it really means. The prospects for improvment, to put it slightly, look pretty grim. I was the model of caution, and believing in my invincipility by managing not to get arrested for the past 2 and a half years, I've grown reckless. Stupid Monkey. Stupid!

I am reminded that I am nothing but a coward who anonblogs so he doesn't have to get yelled at by superiors or called nasty names by co-workers who don't like what I post.

Sandmonkey put his life on the line. I hope he resurfaces when he re-established his cover. If/when he does - I hope I find him again. Hint. Hint.

Sandmonkey, thank you and good luck.

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