Wednesday, May 02, 2007

New USNA sex scandle

What is in the water at Annapolis? Rule #1 - don't bump uglies with a fellow MIDN and you will miss out on a lot of sex ..... and trouble. It is really that simple. But, besides the fact that such behavior is what started the ball rolling - you would thing a Doc would see enough naked flesh.
A Navy doctor who regularly acted as a chaperon for the Naval Academy men's gymnastics team is being investigated by the military on allegations that he made secret video recordings of midshipmen having sex in his Annapolis-area home, several legal and Navy sources familiar with the investigation said yesterday.

Cmdr. Kevin Ronan, a physician stationed at the academy until May 2006, has been accused of setting up hidden video cameras and recording students but has not been charged with a crime, the sources said. Ronan was a volunteer in the school's sponsor program, hosting students on holidays and weekends.
The USNA reaction to this reminds me of this guy.

It is all here. Athletes, sex, sponsor house abuse, and general all-around asshattery.
The investigation was triggered when a male midshipman reported finding a video disc at Ronan's house that showed the midshipman having sex with his girlfriend, according to multiple sources familiar with the investigation.
The allegations against Ronan were first reported yesterday in The Capital. According to documents obtained by the Annapolis newspaper, a midshipman on Jan. 30 found a concealed video camera in an air vent while he was changing clothes in the guest room in Ronan's home and reported the matter to the academy.

While stationed at the academy, Ronan was the brigade medical officer, served on an "eating disorders and treatment team" and was an officer representative for the men's gymnastics team. Ronan also worked as a team physician for Naval Academy athletics, sources said.
Two source articles; Baltimore Sun and The Capitol. Interesting who reported what.

I don't know if I am going to follow this train wreck too. Only if it gets real weird. I could bang my drum of, "Tell everyone if one MIDN is found to be swapping DNA with another both will be kicked out - then do it with no exceptions - about 80% of your problems will be solved. The better get used to it, because that is the behavior we expect onboard ship." But it won't help, because they won't do it. As a result, the Fleet has to deal with Ensigns sleeping with other officers and enlisted in the same UIC all over the place. Why? It is a professional habit they learned at Annapolis.

Won't stop stupid people who don't paint over the lights on their cameras - but it will put a dent into the "Doc Ronan says we can use his guest bed anytime we want - and d@mn you look good in whites!"

Oh, one last note - strictly for journalistic purposes - have those videos made it to the Internet yet?

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