Monday, May 07, 2007

Funny, they look pink to me

Tunick's "art" I find kind of "so whatish," but for some reason he always gets lots of play time when he talks a bunch of people into take their closes off and lay around in public so he can take their picture. Besides Skippy's ex-wife with the "tramp stamp" on the small of her back - you know what came to mind when I saw the description of the picture?
A record 18,000 people took off their clothes to pose for U.S. photographic artist Spencer Tunick on Sunday in Mexico City's Zocalo square, the heart of the ancient Aztec empire.
Well, I was reminded of what the Diversity Bullies and their buddies in the race-hustling business are always saying about our friends south of the border - Brown this - race that. Well, no. They look about the same as your standard mix of Americans - as a matter of fact I think that on average Americans have more melanin in their mix...but I digress.

The Mexicans that you see working jobs for much less than they could if they were citizens, are much darker than what you see in Mexico City in this picture. Part of it is the upper classes that would prance around a city naked are usually post-Christian urbanites that have the extra time. In Mexico, that is mostly Castillian. And that is indirectly connected to what you see here.

Most of the Mexicans that come to the US have much more American Indian blood in them than the average Mexican. As a result, they experience tremendous discrimination, both directly and indirectly, in Mexico and come here because they know that they can do better here as a 3rd class non-citizen than they can in their economically weak, divided native country, especially if they are of significant Amerind background.

A bunch of naked Mexicans reminds me, in the end, that we have a great nation here. Even if the Diversity Bullies want to keep telling us how nasty we were, are.
It also reminds me that the race pimps are not only that, they are as ignorant as they are full of hate. Sure, we have some work to do - but what human gatherings don't.

BTW, somewhere, I can't find it, some guy posted bloopers from Tunick's work in the past that showed where some of the "volunteers" really, and I mean REALLY, enjoyed their volunteer work. If anyone can find it, sent the link this way and I will update. Kind of creepy, but funny as well. And yes, deep down, all men are still 12 years old.

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