Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The ides of May

OK, I am a day late - but I wanted to watch the debate. This is the first month, and there will be changes to the format and players as we go along this WAY too long campaign - but you have to start somewhere.

BTW, I just moved into neutral waters, Romney lost me this week. I might come back, but he is starting to remind me of the worst part of GWB - not quite what you see. The guy that joins the NRA as a Life Member in AUG '06 and then says, "I support the assault weapons ban (sic)" is just not steady for me. Rudy, at least, is what he seems. As for his "abortion" issue - hey, he is honestly struggling with it, as are most people in the country. He is running for President of all the people.

I am now the Italy of the election - I may withdrawal or switch sides at any point, and not apologize. Romney, you are going to have to do much better to get me back. Rudy and (gasp) CAPT McCain - I am open again.

As a side-bar; even you FoxHaters have to admit that Brit and Mike were an order of magnitude better than the Chris and Moonbat show last time. And yes, there is someone that I would have liked to see there.

See you next month. If you are wondering what I am reading for other's opinions after tonight's debate; Capt. Ed, Michelle, and The Corner.

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