Thursday, May 24, 2007

As the good people come forward

Remember all the gloom and doom that everyone heard of hopeless Anbar and the brutish Sunni that would never join with us? Well, head on over to Instapundit to catch up of reporters Left-right-and center report what is going on.

Like The Corner, this is what gets me the most from and email by Michael Yon.
In addition to basic services being restored, the city of Hit has rebuilt its library. Citizens had stored away the books during the war here. They are preparing to re-stock the library. Glenn, you know that I do not hesitate to deliver bad news. I have no bad news to deliver today. The town of Hit clearly is doing much, much better. "Anbar the impossible" might be possible after all.
There are good, normal people in Iraq. The majority actually. A people who do not really know how to live a normal life in freedom. There is a sapling of freedom there, and it will continue to grow in the right environment and care to the point it can grown and stand on its own. We just need to give it a chance.

If Anbar stays secure through the summer and we can bring Baghdad back from the brink - well - we'll talk about it then.

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