Monday, May 14, 2007

They don't get it, do they?

I am with RedState on this.

Remember my pre-election rant that even got a link from the now-Obama supporter Commissar? Remember what I said?
Let the Dems win in ’06. They don’t deserve to win – but the Republicans deserve to loose. Let them run wild for two years and then give the American people a choice in ’08.
The Republicans decided on these leaders; they have been measured and found wanting. The Dems do offer something this election cycle: a chance to get rid of the Republican leadership. Sometimes, even the ones you love need a swift kick in the a55. The Republic will survive 24 months of Dem power in Congress.
I stand by every bit, and it looks like the Republicans didn't learn a d@mn thing. They disgusted much of the solid Republican base with their "going native" and nod to corruption and rot in their own house.

I sent no money to the Republicans last cycle as a protest - and they are not looking any better this time. We are about to have a RedState swarm here (because he has done such a great job); so standby.

First salvo:

The House Republican Leadership just does not get it and they will not take us seriously until we flex our muscle against them. We must fight the House GOP and we must fight today.

Today, I declare war on the Republican Leadership of the United States House of Representatives. We must scalp one member. That member's name is Ken Calvert.

When John Doolittle had to step down from the House Appropriations Committee because of a corruption investigation, the House GOP gave the nod to Calvert.

In 2005, Calvert and a partner paid $550,000 for 4.3 acres of land. Calvert then used his earmarking powers to secure $8 million in funds for an interstate exchange on the property. He then sold the property for about $1 million.

Also in 2005, a business partner of Calvert's bought additional land that Calvert's earmarks benefited. When the property was sold, a firm financially connected to Calvert received a commission for the sale.

In 2006, Calvert engaged in other shady land deals. The list goes.

I won't even go in to his arrest for soliciting a prostitute.

I wasn't real happy when Rep. Boehner was elected as Minority Leader, as he was part of the team that made the '06 election happen. He seems to have met the low expectations I had of him;

John Boehner, do you remember writing these words when you ran for Minority Leader:

Nothing was more appalling to me than the fact that three of our own Members brazenly sold out our country, our Conference, and the fate of our colleagues for personal enrichment or in one case, personal perversion. In 1994 we made it clear we wouldn't tolerate such activity, and showed our differences with the Democrats, by changing our rules to deny prime leadership and committee positions from any Member who had been indicted.

The problem is that this isn't good enough any more. Voters correctly expect more from us, and we should expect more from each other.

Then why put Ken Calvert on Appropriations when there were other people with less baggage? Who could you have chosen? Joe Wilson (R-SC) or Henry Brown (R-SC) or several others.

Joe Wilson's son fought in Iraq. It'd be a freaking PR coup to put him on Appropriations while the Dems are trying to defund the war.

The Republicans did not make a clean break - and this is what happened - they refuse to learn.Keep this up - and they will lose again - and deserve it - and the country will suffer. We expect Democrats to act that way, not the other party.

There is hope, at least some felt the cluebat.

According to a Republican inside the room, Rep. Ray LaHood (R-Ill.) encouraged members to “not go back,” reminding them of the heavy toll ethical scandals took during the 2006 election cycle.

“We lost the last election because of corruption,” LaHood reportedly said.

LaHood confirmed that he spoke out against Calvert during the Steering Committee meeting yesterday, saying his 25 years in the House — 12 as a staff member and 13 as a lawmaker — were factors in his objection.

“I care a lot about the House of Representatives, I care a lot about our members and once someone is ethically challenged and gets in trouble it effects all of us,” he said. “I appreciate the high ethical standards that [Boehner] has set ... but I believe the bar was lowered today when our conference chose to vote Ken Calvert onto the Appropriations Committee.

What he said.
This party of ours must be pruned and it must be pruned by those of us who care about it before meeting the butchers' shears in the hands of the voters again in 2008. This pruning will make us stronger. It may not look pretty. It will not be pretty. But for the long term health of our Republican Party, it must be done.
Hey, I could be and idiot, I might be - but one thing I have learned in roughly two decades of service is to tell when an organization has poor leadership. The symptoms are the same. The results are the same.

As for leadership; don't get me started with the Senate.

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