Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hitchens tilts against the ultimate authority

As an Evangelical Christian, you would think I would have problems with Hitchens right now - but no. I don't. My thoughts on God is not the same as his, but he is right on the smaller issues in so many ways.

A lot of his invective seems towards "organized" religion and the dogmatic, non-Bible things that go on.
In some ways, I am with him (..I can be quite the pain in Bible Study..), but I don't confuse the imperfection of men who are clergy with my faith.

Watch this all, and if you are a Christian, please watch it. His lost nature does not challenge my faith, it shouldn't yours. His denial of God and his sharp challenges only reinforces my faith. Enjoy the challenge of a great intellect such as his.

Listen though for what he does say about freedom, and what it means to be an American, very well put.

Hat tip Chap.

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