Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Out With The Old, In With The Jew

What a great interview, pre election, with the President Elect of France - and what a great title for an interview from The Jerusalem Post.
In Europe and elsewhere, you have the image of a man who is more aligned with the Right on issues of security and liberalism, while being pro-Israeli and pro-American, which greatly pleases Franco-Israelis, but to a lesser extent the European Left. Do you feel this is a just portrayal?

It looks like you didn't leave anything out. To begin, there is a complete list of traits and caricatures generally used by those who are not very well-intentioned toward me. This perception is neither accurate nor just. I wanted to be the candidate representing the republican Right, liberated from the Left, to be a rightist based on values - work, authority, the priority of the victim over the aggressor, effort, merit, the rejection of a welfare mentality, [promoting] egalitarianism and building equality by starting from the bottom. That makes me the hard Right?
See ninme for all sorts of Sarko related items as well. She did an outstanding job covering everything. And if you like to see Leftists throw hissy-fits - go to No Pasaran.

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