Thursday, October 12, 2006

Today Antwerp; tomorrow Al-Andalus

Like the canary in a coalmine, it is the small micro that will give you the first indications of a macro problem. There is a lot to learn from the local elections in tiny (~10.5 million population) in Belgium last weekend. For the nitty-gritty details, stop by The Brussels Journal and DownEastBlog – but backing away a bit, I wanted to discuss two recurring themes I hit on here; (1) The Left’s convergence with the growing Muslim political power in Europe, (2) The future Bosniazation of Europe.

(1) The interesting thing politically is that we have seen in the last half decade the strange bed-fellows union of the International Left and the emerging Muslim advocacy movement. All you have to do is spend some time at Zombietime to see that. This convergence just reinforces one of my pet theories; the balance of Leftists are motivated by an externalized self-hate where they take their self-hate and project it on their culture and nation. The same group that supported, excused and explained away Communism and the evil that was the Soviet Union now finds common cause with the latest anti-Western group bent on destroying Western Civilization.

There is a very telling quote that speaks volumes about the cold, hard, political reasons for this shift as well. One for the Left that is suicide for women’s rights, gay rights, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom to have a nice pork BBQ sandwich. We saw the same thing in the U.S. right prior to elections in the Clinton Era where hundreds of thousands of new citizens were minted right prior to the elections – taking shortcuts and bypassing timelines to increase the Left’s vote totals.

A curious thing to see. In a Representative Republic, how do you represent your nation when to get in power you have to import voters? Do you want to represent the nation, or do you want a different nation? Then again, as is often the case, in politics for many it is all about power. Some will do anything to get power for the simple case of having it. I wonder, what will the Left do when the cities such as Antwerp via the ballot box change laws and regulations to be more in line with Sharia? By then it will be too late. Do you turn to the gun? If you can’t control the inflow or outbreed those who want to destroy your culture you reach the point where you submit to the new culture, or you decide you need to cull the opposition. Is that where the Left wants to go? You are running out of time.

(2) The Bosniazation of Europe. I wrote awhile back that the EU should be careful how they speak about the Serbs, because the Balkan conflicts that started in the ‘90s are just a prelude, if trends continue, to the Western Europe of the 2030s and 2050s. A decreasing indigenous population that has difficulty defending its culture verses a non-assimilated, hostile, expanding culture has one outcome. History is clear on this. You will surrender and fade, or you will fight.

You cannot escape to the suburbs forever. If you don’t adopt strict immigration control and assimilate those you have – you are lost. This time, when the shooting starts – don’t expect the U.S. to come to your rescue. Your civil war will be yours alone.

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