Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sweden - quicker and faster?

John's has a gun.
Essentially, we've stuck the M777 ULFH (Ultra Light Field Howitzer, a brit-designed gun) on a light tracked chassis, and added robotics to reduce crew size.

Swedish Bikini Team's gun.
Archer is a self-propelled 155 mm artillery gun based on a commercial off-the-shelf chassis, originally made for construction equipment, allowing for a system that is both simple and inexpensive to maintain. The three-man crew - as opposed to the normal six to 10 - operates all activities through computers in the splinter-proof cab. Each gun carries shells required to perform its mission. An Archer gun provides the same operational capability as four to six traditional guns.
If we aren't going to buy a domestic 155mm - how about a side-by-side shoot off?

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