Thursday, October 19, 2006

Norway plays Meathead to France's Archie

The rush for the door continues.
Norway's centre-left government said on Wednesday it would not send special forces to Afghanistan, rejecting NATO calls for reinforcements to southern Afghan regions where foreign soldiers face growing resistance.

Last month officials from the U.S.-led NATO military alliance called on Norway to boost its presence in Afghanistan from its current 480 troops, and diplomats had said that Norwegian officials signalled they would abide.
The pampered, spoiled Norwegians prove, again, the fact that they are fair weather allies. This also proves the mortal danger the Left poses to Western Civilization.
The decision followed heightened tensions between the parties in Norway's Labour-led coalition government as politicians from the Socialist Left Party (SV), a junior coalition partner, opposed sending more soldiers.
This is how failure becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. They really don't understand, or want to understand, that Europe is the next trenchline back. Their retreat will bring even more of the battle to their front yard. How is it again that Europe is going to do such a great job in Afghanistan?

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