Monday, October 16, 2006

Another reason not to like WalMart

Oh sure, after Jonah outed them they took the outfits off the web - but they underestimate the fact that once on the web - always on the web. They want to slut up your teenage daughter. There are more, but here is the worst. Remember, they are talking about 13-17 year old boys and girls (which means 10-12 year old girls will try to wear them).
This Handy Candy Teen Nurse costume by Disguise will start the boy's hearts beating on Halloween. Comes with a cute red and white striped dress with an attached petticoat. With an apron, hat and stethoscope to complete the look.
Hard to tell from what I could get off cashe, but here it is from the manufacturer. And they call themselves family friendly? Oh, and I think I know what one Skippy likes.

I don't think Anne would approve....and I don't think either one of us would let someone leave the house like that. Why would any parent?

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