Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Non-Uniform Code of Military Justice

A startling admission from VADM Rempt and the MIDN Owens saga. What most of us know, but never thought would be put out there in public for all to see, is right there. VADM Rempt admits that he chooses who to prosecute for political reasons (LT Black would like to send some Williams and Sonoma special holiday Crow for some people to eat, methinks). I have no reason to think that Peter Optekar is not telling the truth, and no one has come out to refute it - but I do know that he won't get an affirmative RSVP from VADM Rempt again.
Peter S. Optekar of Hayden, Idaho, said this week that Adm. Rempt was prejudiced against Midshipman Owens from the outset, and should remove himself from the case immediately.

"He is playing with the life of a very, very fine person," said Mr. Optekar, a member of the Class of 1963.

Mr. Optekar said Adm. Rempt had dinner at his home in Idaho a few days after the trial ended in late July and said, in front of five Naval Academy grads and their wives, that he bowed to political pressure when he brought charges against Midshipmen Owens
"Peter, I had no choice; if I did not, we'd have every feminist group and the ACLU after us," Adm. Rempt allegedly said to Mr. Optekar.
Nothing more to say. It speaks for itself, and VADM Rempt is still on active duty. 'Nuff said.

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