Thursday, October 12, 2006

Marines - my kind of Americans

Soldier's Dad over at Milblogs point the way to the latest summary of the over 20,000 casualties we have had so far in OIF. It is a sober reminder of the cost our nation has paid over the last half decade. There are a couple of things that you can get from this, that have an interesting twist to them.

Though I could have never been one for personality reasons, I have always been a great fan of the Marines, and am a believer in "Marine Exceptionalism."

One thing caught my eye when looking at the numbers. As the Diversity Bullies like to do, they ask your ethnicity on everything. In the last few years they have, at last, given us the option of "other" so that those of us of a nice "hybrid vigor" no longer have to choose which Grandparents' gene pool we want to claim. So, what does that have to do with it the price of tea in China?

Marines are famous for just being Marines. Look what is the second most populated ethnic group for Marines. Those guys never let me down.

A lot of "Other," "American," "Marine," or other proper entries I would presume. I won't even start down the debunking of "minorities fight and die in our wars...." BS that has already been debunked thousands of times. The numbers speak for themselves.

On a more serious note - if you have any doubt of the fact that the Long War is a light infantry war - look at the percentage of Marine casualities within the context of how small they are total numbers wise compared to the Army. It is often said the Marines are the American shock troops - that is about right.

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