Friday, October 06, 2006

Fullbore Friday

USS West Virginia (BB-48). What a grand Battleship. She survived Pearl Harbor to fight again. On top of it all, she was the last of the beautiful Colorado class BBs.

Here she was at the end of 07 DEC 41.

..and here she is giv'n it back.

Here she is in her youth, and running in full color. Her post yard paint job. But even better, some of her Sailors at work and at play (good to see liberty in HI is about the same) ....and....what is going on here?!?!?!?!

She has another site here with some great pics and info; and something else I found. In today's Navy, people will drown you in dozens of pages just to tell you about their Navy Relief fundraiser. Read this report. Yes. That is how it is done. My favorite is Part VIII.d,
d. Need for voluminous operation orders, instructions, etc.

Due to previous experience and indoctrination this command was able to function efficiently without the usual volumes of operation orders, instructions, etc. The only operation order received was that of CTF 51. Except for the day of arrival when we asked for the night rendezvous, we got along very well. however, the arrival of only one grid chart in the first delivery of Officer Messenger mail delayed our taking station for bombardment until sufficient copies could be obtained.

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