Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Like a puppy's head under the couch about as well as you can "hide" or "make invisible" a 600 foot, 14,000 ton warship! Eagle1 snagged this mindless bit of contractor fluff from Popular Science.
Whether it’s dropping off a SEAL team or launching missiles inland, the Zumwalt is going to have to slip in unnoticed. It will be quiet—the diesel engine’s noise will be stifled by an inch-thick rubber coating that Syring likens to elephant skin—and stealthy. The spinning dishes and antennas common to today’s ships easily register on enemy radar, so the DDG1000 will instead feature communications hardware that lies flat, embedded in the skin of the deckhouse. This sleek design, combined with a hull that slopes inward from sea level up, rather than outward like most ships, will scatter the energy from an enemy’s radar. According to Syring, on scanners the Zumwalt will look like a fishing boat.
Ungh. But Jim, shipmate. The NORKs, Iranians et al will not need radar to see that thing lurking off the coast. IT IS 600' LONG, about 100' tall and 80 FEET WIDE for Neptune's sake. That is only 10 feet shorter than the Pocket Battleship SMS Graf Spee. You are not hiding that from anyone with a pair of eyes and a cheap pair of binoculars. Put down the PPT hardcopy, drive down to Norfolk and get underway on something. It may read well for the PS group, but do you gecredibilityiblity with those who know the sea by saying stuff like that? Did we not learn anything from the C-802 hit on the Israeli Navy? Please, put two of your multi-billion dollar ships that close together, that close to my shore like the photo above. Please. And keep telling yourself you are invisible. Please. Believe your own BS. Please. -- And I will shame you to the world -- The article does have a cool photo spread though, worth a look.

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