Monday, October 23, 2006

I voted

The power of the absentee voter. "Jacta alea est!" - well my die at least. My vote is my vote - and none of your bee's-wax. That being said; I am not Bubblehead. I am not Ace. I am not The Commissar. I am also not Hugh Hewitt. All good men with good reasons for doing what they are doing.

Sure, I have had my moments. Still stand by every word - but such are the choices I was given.

I will say this. The Democrats and Republicans in my home of record did not give one many options. Some of you do have choices, I really didn't.

I hope you all vote. If you don't you are a sheep and have no reason to complain. More later, perhaps.

I will give you this:
(1) The city has no place fiddl'n with BRAC screw-ups with local tax payer money.
(2) If it says, "For the children.." it isn't.

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