Wednesday, October 04, 2006

An Ottoman speaks

Kind of funny coming from a guy whose navy is built by Europeans and Americans - but I digress. Is there anyone who really thinks Turkey is going to be part of the European Union? As my friend Marvin would say, "It'll all end in tears."
"The Turkish Armed Forces will never make concessions demanded of it for the sake of the European Union," Admiral Yener Karahanoglu told the naval academy in comments quoted by the NTV channel.

Turkey began EU entry talks last year but is not expected to join for many years. The European Commission is expected to criticize Ankara’s reform record and the continued political influence of the military in its annual report in November.

Karahanoglu said domestic and foreign groups bent on destroying the armed forces were stepping up their efforts.

"I feel sorry for these poor wretches who are preparing their own ends. These groups either will leave Turkey or will be drowned in the sea of Anatolia," Karahanoglu said.

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