Wednesday, May 31, 2006

You poke it, you own it

"Man Laws vs. Navy Laws"

Yes, silly commercials from bad beer , here is the ref for the title. Ahhh Miller Lite (called "O4 beer" when I was a JO .... as an O5; I'll still call it O4 beer...because that is when all that Sea Duty starts to show on your body, and one has to take measures...).

I like the adds. I think the Navy has had its own version for a long time. Now, the real "Old Navy" had some "Navy Laws," but let's skip that one. Here is a start.

Navy #1 Man Law - "What Happens on Deployment, Stays on Deployment"

Anyone else have some others? Unabridged versions, pre-Tailhook entries encouraged, especially from Skippy-san. I think it may involve is "ex."

H/T to LBG.

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