Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Horrific evidence of climate change in The Netherlands

Don't you read, watch, and believe Al Gore? A reader in the land of wooden shoes and funky smelling smokes comes the following information that should make all of us think.
It is not only the weather that is bad. The herring is not ready either. For the Dutch who have been waiting for the official opening of the herring season, normally starting today, the news is not good. The season will have to be postponed for two weeks. The herring is not fat enough. Apparently the herring has started to eat later than normal. This is linked with the cold weather in the spring. Small herrings cannot be sold but will count as part of the quota.
More on that global warming nightmare here.
This is the first time in history that the auction cannot proceed on the planned date.
The horror. The horror. How will Michael survive (ok, he is Flemish..but who can tell the difference)?

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