Thursday, May 18, 2006

Drunk women and pampered athletes

Looks like the summer of '06 will be known as a Carnival of Courts Martial in Annapolis. Where to start pointing fingers as a source problem? Standby DUSTBIN. The NAAA. Also a common thread here, female Midshipmen who can't hold their alcohol and the male Midshipmen that drink with them.
Court-martial dates have been set for a pair of U.S. Naval Academy football players charged by the military with sexual assault.

A trial will begin July 10 for Lamar S. Owens Jr., a senior and last season's starting quarterback for the Navy football team, who is accused of raping a junior classmate in her dorm in January. The general court-martial is expected to last several days, academy officials said yesterday.

A second football player, senior linebacker Kenny Ray Morrison, will face a special court-martial July 24 on indecent assault and other charges, officials said. He is accused of taking advantage of a drunken female midshipman and exposing himself to other midshipmen and civilians during a Feb. 4 incident at the Embassy Suites hotel in the District.
Coast Guard football has its own problems too.

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