Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

I have always thought that Memorial Day would be best served here on the micro scale. Smash asked for some help with getting the word out about the men behind the headstones - and his concept is right on target. While you think about all the macro events, also think about the individuals involved. To add my part to Smash's project - I ask you to consider two men from two different eras, the links will provide a little background:

ITCS Daniel Richard Healy: A Navy SEAL killed along with his Team when his MH-47 Chinook went down 28 JUN 05 in Kunar Province, Afghanistan.

- LCDR Robert Semple: Earned his Medal of Honor when serving aboard the USS Florida and leading his Sailors in Vera Cruz, Mexico in 1914.
Speaking of simple, focused, personal ways to remember Memorial Day; for those familiar with Norfolk, a previous entry on the Winona Memorial is here, and an update here - Gary Ruegsegger has a nice write-up on a lot of Tidewater memorials here. For a wider view of Memorial Day, Milblogs is a good start.

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