Monday, May 01, 2006

Reaping roosting chickens on the Severn

Via a reader, this is just getting uglier by the day.
Lamar S. Owens Jr., last season's starting quarterback for the U.S. Naval Academy, will face a court-martial on rape and other charges, Navy officials said yesterday.

A second football player will also face a court-martial on charges of indecent assault and other offenses in connection with a separate incident, the academy said.
There is so much here; football player entitlement, wrong-headed sexual advice, un-accountable protected classes (some Midshipmen or more equal than others), and viotation of Salamandar's #1 rule - don't get sexually involved with a Shipmate.

There is a lot more here than meets the eye; for some more background you can look at my last post on it here. Let the GCM go forward: let everyone have their say. Let the jury decide. Fresh air and light will be good.

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