Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Time to call the EU's bluff on this one

In the end, this will be "fixed," unless the EUocrats want play hard ball.
The European Union's highest court on Tuesday overturned an agreement
that provides Washington with personal data on air passengers flying to the United States from Europe.

The decision did not address privacy issues, but it forces the two sides back to negotiations at a time when privacy safeguards are increasingly being debated.

The European Court of Justice gave the European Commission four months to formulate a new agreement with the United States. Until then, current procedures remain in effect. ... The 2004 agreement, which took 18 months to negotiate...
Fine. No EU planes can fly to the US. You really think that in this environment we will lower our comfort level with all those A340 and 777 coming from Europe? How will Tony Snow explain an Air France aircraft flying into Giant Stadium during a game after we lowered our requirements? Duh.

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